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Foot care services in the heart of Stockport

"I put my feet through absolute misery and rarely take the care I should with them. Thankfully, Sarah is a lifesaver!"
Adam Robinson


Your feet matter, so why would you trust them with anyone except the most qualified, experienced practitioner available? Luckily, you’ve just found them.


Nobody wants to be in close proximity with a misery, especially while being treated for what can be embarrassing problems. While you’re in my care, I will ensure you feel relaxed, comfortable and taken care of. 


Our clinic is a few minutes from the heart of Stockport, perfect for commuters and locals. For you drivers, there’s free private parking. 

In-house and emergency out of hour appointments are also available.

common conditions treated include...

Corns & callus

These patches of rough skin can be painful and are often unsightly.

Ingrowing toenails

A nightmare to care for yourself, there is a strong chance of infection if left untreated.


Often misdiagnosed, verrucas can be agony while walking.

Fungal infections

A range of treatments available, we'll ensure the most appropriate steps are taken.

...and many, many more. so what are you waiting for?

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