Treatments & Conditions

I can identify and treat a wide range of common -and less frequent- foot conditions. 

On the very first appointment, I undertake a full foot health assessment and begin to draw up the best care plan for your needs. 

Your immediate pain relief will be at the forefront of my thoughts, and the best steps will be taken on your first appointment to provide this. 

Each appointment lasts up to an hour, meaning a thorough full service for your feet is guaranteed. 

Below are some of the more common treatments and conditions I can help with.

Treatments and conditions - Foot Care by Sarah


Verrucas can be as painful as standing on a needle. Regular treatment will help alleviate the pain as well as cure the underlying problem.

Ingrown toenails

Often causing infections due to breaking the skin around the nail area, ingrown toenails will make any activity on your feet agony.


Tender and painful, if you suffer from a heart condition or diabetes it's imperative you do not treat these yourself.

Cracked heels

Affecting one in five adults, cracked heels are unsightly, discomforting and can sometimes bleed. A Regimented foot care plan is best.

Diabetic foot conditions

The probability of developing foot complications increases hugely for diabetics. Put your best foot forward with proactive, preventative care.

Athlete's Foot

Itchy, sore patches between your toes? Cracked skin and bleeding? Yes, you've got Athlete's foot and now 'run' the risk of fungal nail infections.


Broad areas of thick, rough skin. Calluses can still severely impact your ability to walk; treatment is urged.

Nail fungus

Causes severe localised swelling around the nail area, if left untreated can require a hospital procedure.

Nail cutting

Prevention is always better than cure. Regular nail cutting will help reduce the risk of foot complaints arising.

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